25 Fun & Entertaining Camping Activities for Adults

Many adult camping trips involve a lot of sitting around talking and drinking. While there's definitely a place for this, it's not for everyone, and certainly not for those who like to be inside. These fun camping activities for adults are great for sitting days, and they may also encourage your less active friends to get up from their camping chairs and try it out! Whether you're camping with a family or a group of friends, it can be helpful to plan fun things to do while camping ahead of time for adults.

1. Campfire cooking

If you like cooking at home, try bonfire cooking. When children play in the woods, it's one of the best family camping activities for adults. This requires time and patience. A little preparation and planning will greatly contribute to the success of the meal. Besides, you have to eat anyway, right? So why not spend an afternoon making delicious food or camping snacks for your friends and family? 

2. Whittling

Cutting a stick with a sharp knife may seem a bit outdated as a camping activity, but it's actually highly therapeutic and meditative. Here's what you can do while listening to music, talking, or enjoying the sounds of nature around you. Plus, you can even create something useful from natural remedies!

3. Hammock Hanging

Whether your thoughts of relaxation call for a good book or a nap, adding a hammock is sure to elevate your lazy afternoons.

Better yet, ditch the tent and spend the night in a camping hammock for the best backcountry bed you've ever experienced.

tree tent in night view

4. Drinking games

Drinking games is one of the few adult camping activities that children can't do. So enjoy being silly, frivolous and downright childish, or punish each other for their mistakes with something stronger than orange juice.

5. Spike ball

If you love ball games and have a preference for some sports, you'll love peg balls. In fact, forget about any other camping activities. this is for you. It's wildly addictive once you get the hang of it, and the better you get, the more intense and exciting the game will be.

If you've never played it before, read what it's all about and why we love it so much.

people playing volleyball

6. Card game

Playing card games with your camping buddies is a very enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a day at camp. Get into a game you both love and you'll suddenly realize you've been playing for hours on end! Put up your bets, avoid doing the dishes, or even start a mini-tournament that lasts your entire journey. The loser has to pack everything by himself!

7. Camping Board Game

Like card games, camping board games can take care of an afternoon well. Choose from camping or outdoor-themed play games and incorporate characters. Or opt for a weatherproof and packable game that will take you to the beach or the river. Plus, playing board games with you at camp is a great backup activity for rainy and lazy days.

8. Nature Photography

Photography is a great fun trip activity for anyone, really. But nature photography requires quietness, calmness, and patience, and is best suited for couples or adults without children. Set yourself up in a hideaway in the forest or water's edge, then sit back and wait for whatever happens. You can compare your captures later and suggest improvements or changes for your next camping trip. Here are the 25 most recommended scenic places to visit in the United States.

Solo graphic

9. Fishing

Fishing provides double the fun and food - as long as the fish are biting.

Be sure to check local fishing regulations, get a fishing license, and read about species near your campsite.

10. View the clouds

Lying on a blanket and watching the clouds fly by is a dreamy way to enjoy time with your significant other. Lie there long enough and the fluffy white cloud will start to turn into a scary vampire, or a laughing dog. A rough face with boat-like nostrils or a carrot with legs keeps away from the exploding camera. Get truly lost in your dream world and you'll be able to create the full story of a wacky world in the clouds.

Dark cloud but no rain

11. Making campfire popcorn

Making campfire popcorn can be done in several different ways, depending on your equipment and who you cook for. Children can create their own fun by putting aluminum foil-wrapped corn kernels in the embers of the fire. You can also use a popcorn pot with a long handle to support the fire. Or, let the burst start in a large pot on the grill above the flame. Whichever way you choose, this is a simple and so much fun way to enjoy evening snacks by the stove.

12. Looking for treasure

Exploring buried treasures is an interesting and interactive adventure. When the camp is being set up and people begin to arrive, go to bury the treasure! Draw a map or take photos and lead the team to win prizes.

13. Frisbee Golf

All you need to enjoy this outdoor activity is a frisbee and a box or laundry basket. Route and set targets around rocks, trees and streams in turn. Teenagers to adults can enjoy this game together!

14. Natural treasure hunt

If you are lucky to be surrounded by nature, please use this game to explore. Make a list for older campers and use pictures for younger campers to identify and locate specific objects or locations during hunting. Give them a bag to put their items (and then be sure to put them back), or have players take pictures of the items they find in the list. Divide them into groups or conduct them as individual exciting camping activities.

15. Outdoor movie night

Combine popcorn production with fireside outdoor movies! Ideally, the film is projected onto a hanging paper with a ghostly forest as the background. Or just put a screen on the camping table and snuggle under the blanket. The scarier the movie, the better. Just make sure it's not too cold to sleep!

People gathering on movie night

16. Play campfire games

Another way to play around a bonfire is to laugh. Bonfire camping games require very little mobile and equipment, so you can stay comfortable around the fire without additional lighting.

17. Go hiking at night

Most fun filled night camping activities in the evening include sitting down and relaxing. However, if you still have the energy to burn when night falls, or if it's too hot to go out and walk, take the path at sunset. Not only can you find your own trail, but if you move quietly, you can also enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural world when you play at night.

In addition, when the time is right, you can reach the top at sunrise - the perfect reward for hiking for hours in the dark. Or, try a nighttime walk, play flashlight, tell ghost stories, or play truth or dare—you've plenty of options to make your night unforgettable.

18. Bird watching

Like previous weaving, bird watching is one of grandma's and grandpa's hobbies and is experiencing a cool recovery. Take some binoculars and see how many different species you can find.

19. Go Tubing

Pick an interesting float, row yourself to a sunny place, and relax - isn't that why you started camping?

20. Shadow play

Tents and torches are the perfect places for shadow play. Let the children make some props and puppets during the day to enjoy the performance for the whole family after dark.

21. Build some camp furniture

Spend an afternoon building some camping furniture with your new knots and some sticks on the forest floor! How to make a tent? Start with a simple tripod, use it as a washing rack, and then gradually upgrade to more complex items, such as side tables and shoe racks. You will unknowingly build complex shelf units!

22. Go foraging

This is definitely a family camping activity. If in doubt, do not select it. In other words, there are some edible plants that are very easy to identify. They are also very nutritious and delicious. Be sure to study and carry a guide with you to carefully examine your findings. Then, when you return to the camp, add them to your meals to flavour them, put berries on your dessert or chew nuts by the campfire.

Mushroom on grass

23. Quiz

When entertaining a large group of campers, you can't beat a good old test. If written well, a good test should be suitable for everyone in the group. If there are young people in the group, please be sure to add a children's wheel and don't forget to prepare something for the golden old song! Make it educational, more fun, and relevant, of course, including camping!

To get your team to think about their impact on your natural environment, including a no trace turn. We even wrote these quiz questions for you.

24. Make bonfire pizza

Pizza and camping. Is there anything better in life?! Yes, you can really make great pizza on a campfire (homemade dough and all). There are several different manufacturing methods, including wrapping with foil. So do a family activity to make and cook your pizza and see which method works best. Cooked Food!

25. Have a Water Balloon Fight

If the weather is very hot, the water balloon war may just calm everyone down. You also need to know how to stay cool in a tent?

We hope our list of a few camping activities has some attractive options for you and your family. Some of them require a little preparation and planning, but most can be done without much foresight. I hope you can respect and enjoy nature camping.

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