about us

Family Outdoor Experience Focused

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich and empower the lives of our customers by constantly providing the finest quality outdoor equipment at the most reasonable price possible. We are committed to fostering an easy, hassle-free, and extremely enjoyable camping experience for our customers through our safe, durable, and dignified products that unlock every individual’s true potential to live, thrive

and explore beautiful places with as much comfort as their own home.

Core Values

Quality Service

We are accustomed to ensure the quality of our service from all aspects. All of our products are made with highest quality materials to provide our customers a complete rid from all the sufferings they face during an outdoor camping. Our specialized tents are completely water-resistant, breathable, easily pack & pick-able, and quickly installable.

Customer Care

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do by providing a seamless customer experience that delivers excellent results and exceed expectations. We always provide our customers with what we showcase in our store while offering a convenient 30-days post purchase return policy. We strive to make us all time available to our clients for any pre and post purchase query or guideline related to our products and service. Going the extra mile in customer service, paying heed to various demands of our customers, and serving them with the best possible solutions is all we pursue.

Our company

CAMPROS Global Corp. is an eminent outdoor equipment company offering top-notch quality products since its establishment in 2009. The company provides a wide range of premium products including canopies, camping chairs, sleeping bags, screen houses, and camping tents with custom size, designs and colours. As every idea starts with a reason, CAMPROS was founded with the aim to bring an ideal revolution in the concept of outdoor equipment by firmly staying committed to the finest quality.

 At CAMPROS, we strive for an internal culture of respect, gratitude, and service excellence that is deeply ingrained in our working philosophy. This translates to an external culture of unsurpassed customer service, superior quality, and a willingness to ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our product

We are proud to provide a unique variety of camping and canopy tents that are simply best in the business. Sizes ranging from 3 person to 12 person enables you to choose for your personal, friends and family camping needs. All our tents are fully water resistant, sun protective, easily breathable and easily installable, even 3 people can set it up. Every tent comes up with smooth zippers, well-made poles, quickly closable and the innovative feature of carriage in backpacks.

We are dedicated to providing top shelf customer service so you know you’re getting the best before it even arrives. Whether you’re camping at your local park for the weekend or venturing deep into the nature outdoor, you’ll need a quality shelter that’s spacious enough for your group, reasonably weather-worthy for the conditions, and able to withstand regular use.