How To Stay Cool While Camping - And Keep Your Tents Cool

Summer camping trip is a double edged sword - on the one hand, summer is the season to go out, explore and enjoy long hot days and warm and pleasant nights. On the other hand, it's impossible for anyone to wake up in a tent on a hot summer day. Here are some tips for staying cool while camping.

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How To Stay Cool While Camping in Summer: Our Top 10 Summer Camping Tips

1. Set up in the shade

Before you decide where to set up your tent, look at the position of the sun and choose the place that provides the most shade at the hottest time of the day. If you have a little sunshine in the evening, it's no big deal, because the temperature will be a little cold by then (I hope so!). However, if possible, your campsite should be in the shade in the morning and afternoon.

2. Get high and enjoy the breeze

Getting up in a higher place is a good way to blow a breeze for your tent and campground. However, this does not always go hand in hand with the search for shadows. In other words, if you can set up tarpaulins for sun protection, and the breeze can fully alleviate the suffocating temperature, it may be worth keeping it high.

3.  Choose your tent carefully

When car camping in hot weather, some features and attributes can make one tent better than another. The most important of these are ventilation functions, such as a wide mesh canopy, vents on the tent walls and a double door design, all of which help to increase the air circulation in the tent and allow summer heat and moisture to dissipate from the inside to the outside It's also wise to bring a bigger tent than you need - because our bodies are essentially to our tent, just as our radiator is to our home. The larger the space your "central heating system" needs to body heat, the lower the temperature in your tent.

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4. Put up a tarp

When looking for the coolest and well-ventilated place to build a camp, consider whether there is enough space for tarpaulins or beach canopies to provide additional shade. This will make it more pleasant to wander around the camp. Be sure to set it up so that it won't block any precious breeze that may pass through your camp.

5. Camp near cold water

Being able to get in and out of rivers or lakes for cool water when needed is an ideal way to enjoy camping in hot temperatures. In addition, there's no need to plan activities around keeping your tent cool - bring beach balls, frisbees and inflatable rings, and you'll have cool and happy campers! Even a stream or stream can paddle and splash on itself, which can make a big difference. However, there will be always mosquitoes next to the water, so you must learn how to keep bugs out of your tent first.

6. Take off the rain fly

If the possibility of rain is very small and the interior of your tent is mainly reticulated, please fly the rain completely away from your tent. This is not only the best way to cash in the breeze to help you cool down and fall asleep, but also opens the ceiling of the stars to let you fall asleep in your sleeping bag—don't forget to take a cold shower for a good night sleep.

7. Open All the Vents

Open vents, doors and rain shields to keep hot air flowing and cool the tent. It is this ventilation and airflow that helps the tent breathe. If you're worried about bugs coming in, keep the grid closed - you'll still keep cool air flowing throughout the tent.

8. Use Thermal Reflection

Reflective tarpaulins and sheets reflect sunlight from the surface of the tent to help cool the interior.

The best way to use reflective tarpaulins is to tie them to branches and hang them so that they can cover the tent like a roof. Make sure to leave about 12 inches between the top of the tent and the tarpaulin for circulation.

Budget-friendly, most tent camping shops carry reflective tarps. If not available, a simple tarpaulin can also solve the problem and prevent the hot sun from directly shining on the tent.

9. Get a tent portable fan

Try to let any natural breeze into your tent? Then add some cool to your tent with a portable camping fan. Hang it on the ceiling of the tent at night, or put it on the table to have a rest during meal time.

10. Try a hammock

One of the best ways to stay cool at night is to raise and sleep in a hammock. There is no mattress under you, which will help you keep cool immediately. If you set the waterproof cloth high and well, you will get a good breeze above and below you.

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These tips will help you stay cool even in the hottest conditions and are the key to preventing heatstroke and heatstroke. But sometimes things don't always go as planned, so if you decide to camp in super hot conditions, it's important to identify heatstroke and signs of heatstroke as soon as possible. Matters needing attention include:

  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Feel dizzy
  • Blood pressure drop
  • Headache
  • Muscle spasm
  • Feeling and getting sick
  • Sweating profusely
  • Strong thirst
  • Rapid pulse
  • The frequency of urination is reduced and the color of urine is darker than usual

If any of these signs appear on your side, it is essential to cool them quickly.